The Mt Gox Bitcoin collapse - what really happened

I first learned of Bitcoin a few years ago, so it’s been interesting to observe how it has become more widely known in recent months. At first the coverage focused on the esoteric mathematics behind the algorithm, and the fortunes being made by the early adopters. But recently the news has become less positive.

Lifting Gas in Airships

Most people know that zeppelins like the Hindenburg were filled with a flammable gas known as hydrogen, and that the Hindenburg disaster was caused by this gas igniting. Some also know that American airships were filled with the inert gas helium, but that the Zeppelin company was not allowed to purchase helium from the Americans. But what are the other characteristics of these gases, and are there any other alternatives for providing lift to airships? Read More...

An Experiment

I’m always looking for new ways to connect with readers, and I’d heard about the online community known as Wattpad some time ago. Since I’ve written a fair chunk of the Aeropolis short, I decided to experiment with releasing it on Wattpad in serial form (something which Wattpad specialises in).

The first two parts are already up, and I’ll be adding steadily to the story over the next couple of weeks. I’d be interested in your comments.