More on Airship City and Wattpad

So a couple of months since Airship City was featured on Wattpad, and it’s received an astonishing 55,000 reads and nearly 2,000 votes. There have been over 100 comments, almost all positive. The attention seems to have spilled over to my short story Airship Stowaway, which is set in the same Aeropolis universe, and has nearly 4,000 reads and nearly 200 votes, which interestingly is far more than my other stories, and shows, I suppose, why writers like a series!

I am truly heartened by the positive attention that Airship City has received on Wattpad. I think it shows that people do like and respond to what I have written, if they get the chance to see it. Being featured has enabled it to get noticed, which is half the battle. (Obviously the other half is to write something worth reading in the first place.) Now if only there were some way to get featured on Amazon...

Airship City is a Featured Story on Wattpad

So a little while ago Wattpad wrote to let me know that Airship City would become a Featured Story on Wattpad. A few days ago it went live on the Featured Stories page, and since then reads and follows have simply exploded. It took ages to get to 1,000 reads before it was Featured, but since then it has clocked up more than 17,000 reads, and will probably have even more by the time you read this. I’ve massively increased my follower count as well.

All of which is immensely gratifying, of course, not just because Airship City is being read and enjoyed, but also because of the lovely comments that some kind readers have left. So I’m quite pleased that I took the time to get involved at Wattpad!

Airship Stowaway

I’ve been steadily adding to my short story set in the Aeropolis universe. It’s called Airship Stowaway and I’ve been posting it up on Wattpad. Some of it is repurposed stuff from an early draft of Airship City, then called Aeropolis, and if you have read Airship City and want to read some more, here is your chance! When it’s done I will publish it properly on Kindle, but for now you can read along on Wattpad.


A few updates

A few quick updates:

1. I’ve uploaded a full ePub file of Airship City to Goodreads. So if you’re on Goodreads, you can read the entire book online, or even download it. If you have read and enjoyed it, please consider rating or reviewing it! Airship City on Goodreads.

2. I’m also posting the entire novel up onto Wattpad, a chapter per day. So if you’re on Wattpad, you might find it more convenient to read there.

3. If you can’t be bothered with all this and just want the convenience of the Kindle edition, it’s currently on promotion for a lot less than you might think! Airship City on Amazon

4. Finally, just wanted to let you know about a great online resource for airship information— a real treasure trove.

Update on the Wattpad thing

Thought I’d give a quick update on the Wattpad experiment. As you might remember, I decided to put some stuff up on Wattpad, the free online reading community... thing. This is my page.

Now Wattpad isn’t the easiest thing to work out. It has a very “young” feel to it— lots of One Direction fan fiction. And some of the stuff with the most “reads” and “votes” seems not all that well-written, if I’m honest. And the inevitable system of followers and votes seems like yet another social network mountain to climb. Read More...

An Experiment

I’m always looking for new ways to connect with readers, and I’d heard about the online community known as Wattpad some time ago. Since I’ve written a fair chunk of the Aeropolis short, I decided to experiment with releasing it on Wattpad in serial form (something which Wattpad specialises in).

The first two parts are already up, and I’ll be adding steadily to the story over the next couple of weeks. I’d be interested in your comments.