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Get Ready For Lift-off on this Amazing Alternative-history Aviation Adventure

The son of a famous pilot, Joseph always thought he was destined to fly. But an airship disaster ends his father’s life and throws his own into turmoil. Discovering that the crash may not have been an accident sets him on a quest for the truth. The trail leads to the airship city Aeropolis — and its maverick creator Howard Hughes. But the citizens of the flying city don't take kindly to strangers. When Joseph falls for the daughter of the man he's spying on, he is drawn into a deadly game of betrayal. Who should he trust? His decision will mean more than he can possibly imagine.

Good story! This is a teen/YA full-length novel, set in London in an alternate history line where Churchill's the chairman of a bank, Hitler's rule of the Nazi Party was destroyed during the Night of the Long Knives, and Howard Hughes flies around the world on an aerial city called Aeropolis. (Ella Fitzgerald sings in one of the airship city's jazz clubs. Nice touch, that.)” — J. Gunnar Grey

“Airship City is an intriguingly original coming of age novel. Set in London in 1948 we follow the story of 16 year old Joseph Samson as he matures from a lowly bank clerk, bullied by the other tougher, cooler post room boys and gets entangled in a sophisticated and sinister plot against Howard Hughes.”

“This is a really great book. It cleverly avoids easy cliches of coming of age stories with some good characters and an imaginative & original setting that's wonderfully described. The story is involving with lots of twists but is easy to follow. Kids would love this but I enjoyed it just as much on the train to work. Very much looking forward to the sequel!”

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