A few updates

A few quick updates:

1. I’ve uploaded a full ePub file of Airship City to Goodreads. So if you’re on Goodreads, you can read the entire book online, or even download it. If you have read and enjoyed it, please consider rating or reviewing it! Airship City on Goodreads.

2. I’m also posting the entire novel up onto Wattpad, a chapter per day. So if you’re on Wattpad, you might find it more convenient to read there.

3. If you can’t be bothered with all this and just want the convenience of the Kindle edition, it’s currently on promotion for a lot less than you might think! Airship City on Amazon

4. Finally, just wanted to let you know about a great online resource for airship information— a real treasure trove. Airships.net

Why I decided to change covers

Since publishing Airship City I’ve been experimenting with different forms of promotion. I paid for some Facebook advertising, which seemed to do very little. I then took an ad on Goodreads. I’ve had some response from that, in the form of people adding the book to their “want-to-read” lists, but the click-through rate seemed awfully low. I had also been looking into making a printed copy of the book through Createspace, but had run into a problem with my cover: I had designed it at web resolution, and there was no way it would work in print. Graphics for display on computer screens look fine at about 75 dpi (dots per inch), whereas anything under 300 dpi doesn’t look very good when printed. I couldn’t use my existing cover on the print copy.

Go for launch!

The revised upload seems properly formatted (thanks to Elaine and Gary for their assistance on this) so we are go for launch! It gives me great pleasure to announce that AIRSHIP CITY has taken to the air, and is available worldwide on the Kindle store, to buy (or to borrow if you are an Amazon Prime customer). If you are in the UK, you can buy from Amazon.co.uk and if in the US or in countries without a dedicated Kindle store, go to Amazon.com where you will be redirected to your own country’s Kindle store if available.

If you do decide to buy, and if you enjoy it, I’d be obliged if you would take a moment or two to leave a review on Amazon.

Heading down the runway

We’re almost there! A few niggling formatting errors to iron out in the Kindle file (getting the book to open at the first page, not at the table of contents) and we should be ready for rotation and liftoff. Unfortunately each time you upload changes on Amazon, it takes 12 hours or so before the book is re-published, so I can’t check to see if the formatting change has worked until the new file is in place and can be downloaded. (It looks OK in the previewer but I want to be absolutely certain it’s right before launch.) It would also help if my router didn’t fall over every five minutes. But it’s all uploaded and republished now, to be checked tomorrow. So fingers crossed, we’ll be airborne very soon!

Getting ready for takeoff

I’m knee-deep in book-covers and Scrivener and Kindlegen files and front matter and my KDP Bookshelf as I get the formatting right for the big launch of AIRSHIP CITY, the first book in the Aeropolis series. So in other words, I’m taxiing towards the threshold, communicating with the tower, and getting ready to line up for the big take-off run. More information soon!

Kindle screens

I love a lot of things about my Kindle but the random pictures which appear on it when you turn it “off” aren’t among them. Some are OK but most are awful. It’s quite easy to “hack” the Kindle to replace these images with something more to your liking. I found a few nice images on teh interwebs, but thought I’d also have a go at converting some of my own pics.


These two look quite nice on the Kindle. To download one or both for your own Kindle, just click on an image to get a Kindle-sized one. Then right-click and save!