Airship City update

Changing the cover doesn’t seem to have had much of an impact on the Goodreads campaign, although, as August is a strange month, it’s hard to tell. Sales overall are slow, which is probably normal for a first book by an unknown, independent author, and I should probably just put my head down, finish the sequel, and build up my offering. But then again, I do still have three free days of promotion left on my KDP Select account for the enrolment period, which is up at the beginning of September. Watch this space…

Why I decided to change covers

Since publishing Airship City I’ve been experimenting with different forms of promotion. I paid for some Facebook advertising, which seemed to do very little. I then took an ad on Goodreads. I’ve had some response from that, in the form of people adding the book to their “want-to-read” lists, but the click-through rate seemed awfully low. I had also been looking into making a printed copy of the book through Createspace, but had run into a problem with my cover: I had designed it at web resolution, and there was no way it would work in print. Graphics for display on computer screens look fine at about 75 dpi (dots per inch), whereas anything under 300 dpi doesn’t look very good when printed. I couldn’t use my existing cover on the print copy.