New year, new stuff

As I’ve mentioned before, I wrote the first few drafts of Airship City (then known as Aeropolis) on my iPhone. This was because I wanted to write on the Tube on my way into work, and I didn’t have a laptop then. It actually worked pretty well. It wasn’t much good for editing and rewriting, because the small screen area and touch screen controls makes it difficult to move around in the documents and make changes. But for banging out the first draft, it was near-perfect.

Since I changed jobs and have been driving to work, I’ve struggled to find the time to write. I’ve also found that actually writing on the laptop can be distracting. It has all my other stuff on it, so sometimes when I’ve sat down to write, I will decide to do a bit of budgeting or some other busywork, and before I know it, the allotted time for writing is gone, and I’ve done nothing.

Other times my laptop will be upstairs, and I won’t want to get it to avoid waking people up... the excuses are all too easy, because the laptop isn’t with me all the time.

While considering this the other day, I suddenly realised that my iPhone is always with me. And what’s more, I couldn’t think of a good reason why I had stopped writing on the iPhone, other than that I now had the laptop, and had simply assumed I didn’t need to write on the iPhone anymore.

Which is true; but there is a difference between need and want. I pulled out the iPhone and started tapping out a short story, a prequel of sorts, that takes place in the Aeropolis universe. Because I can write whenever I have a spare moment, I’ve already written close to 4,000 words.

There is something that just works well for me in writing on the iPhone. I use the amazing Elements app, and autocomplete means that I don’t even have to completely type many words, the software knows me so well by now.

Obviously for editing and rewriting I will go back to Scrivener, but for just getting the words out, Elements seems to be working out.
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