More on Airship City and Wattpad

So a couple of months since Airship City was featured on Wattpad, and it’s received an astonishing 55,000 reads and nearly 2,000 votes. There have been over 100 comments, almost all positive. The attention seems to have spilled over to my short story Airship Stowaway, which is set in the same Aeropolis universe, and has nearly 4,000 reads and nearly 200 votes, which interestingly is far more than my other stories, and shows, I suppose, why writers like a series!

I am truly heartened by the positive attention that Airship City has received on Wattpad. I think it shows that people do like and respond to what I have written, if they get the chance to see it. Being featured has enabled it to get noticed, which is half the battle. (Obviously the other half is to write something worth reading in the first place.) Now if only there were some way to get featured on Amazon...
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